Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Projects | Portland Greendrinks Posters

Portland Greendrinks is part of the international Greendrinks network -- an informal, volunteer-managed social networking group built around a common interest in the natural environment. It occurs on the second Tuesday of every month, starting around 5:30 pm. The goal of Greendrinks is pretty simple: good times shared among people working in, or interested in, environmental and sustainability issues.

I've been attending off and on for a little over a year now and have seen it grow from 50 people on a patio to several hundred. It attracts all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons—professional, personal, and social.

Each month's event is marketed in part via posters on bulletin boards and in shop windows around town. The posters are always produced pretty quickly and cheaply using donated designs. Last June, local Greendrinks organizer, Elliott May, and that month's host, Lora Winslow of O'Naturals, approached me to create that month's poster. One year later, one of my long-time clients (as a freelancer for Tugboat Creative), Portland Trails is hosting this month's event at Gorham Bike and Ski and I had another opportunity to toss together the month's poster image.

These are quick, fun projects with lots of creative control. It's been great to see what different artists and designers have done with them— two that stand out are the ones done last summer by the SOAP group (who also did the GreenDrinks Web site) and by Big Room Studios. They've all been fun to see around town leading up to each event, and I thought I'd share the two I designed here:

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