Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Before & After: StillPoint MFR homepage

I have been doing a ton of web design work lately for MEDSEEK, an Alabama company offering project, web and content management solutions for the healthcare industry. As a nice side-effect of working with their content strategists, I've learned a lot about what can make a homepage design great, including well-thought-out use of contrast and repetition to differentiate and group various types of elements; well-thought-out information hierarchy; clear (and scalable) grid layouts; and obvious calls to action. I've brought this knowledge to my other freelance projects as well; I recently tackled a website homepage redesign for one of my long-time clients, StillPoint Myofascial Release, who is, this month, growing into a beautiful new space in Yarmouth, ME. Along with the new location, StillPoint MFR now has new signs, new business cards, and a stepped-up, more professional and more engaging homepage design: