Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poster for Pinion Display Font

I recently had the honor of creating a few promotional pieces / type samples for Greyletter's new display face Pinion Display.

In the type designer's words:

"Pinion Display is a modern decorative typeface that is constructed using simplified mechanical ornaments blended with irregular curves and flared serifs. The result is a font with the consistent rhythm of a sans-serif and a touch of historical charm.

The goal of Pinion Display was to create a modern decorative face that is constructed as if using industrial techniques. Characters were fabricated, rather than drawn, by joining together a variety of components. Proportions and curved forms were then fine-tuned to achieve balance and approachability when characters are combined into words. Finally, capitals without ornaments and small caps were added to make the typeface more versatile."

Pinion offers language support uncommon to display faces, including Western, Eastern European, Baltic,and Turkish characters. This poster was inspired by Eastern European Art Deco-era advertising. The design is currently on display at TypeGallery2010, an unjuried showcase of new type design, presented by The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) as part of TypeCon2010: Babel.

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