Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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I have been fortunate over the last 2 years to serve as a freelance designer for a company called Medseek who provides enterprise and web solutions to hospitals and healthcare organizations all over the country. My role has primarily been contributing design concepts for consumer websites. Medseek works with several designers on any given project and each site goes through many rounds of revision, testing and evolution before it finally launches to the public. I thought it might be interesting to share a bit of that process for a hospital site that recently launched based on my design.

My initial homepage design concept:

... and showing Flash marquee interactivity:

After several rounds of revision, final art-directed design with additional colors, rearranged and edited content, and details optimized for production in proprietary CMS system:

After user testing of the above design, additional specific design and layout changes were requested:

This is a screenshot of the final site in the browser—client loves it, but to me it's amazing to see how different it looks from the initial concept!

And just for fun/reference, here's the client's previous "before" site:

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